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Internet Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Denver

Child Pornography Defense Lawyer Serving Colorado

Colorado law enforcement officials take Internet sex crime very seriously and devote a lot of financial and personnel resources to tracking down child sexual predators. Anyone accused or charged with any type of Internet sex crime deserves a strong defense by an experienced attorney who has a strong background defending clients against these types of crimes.

Denver Internet sex crimes defense lawyer Richard Bloch is just such an advocate. The lead attorney at The Law Firm of Richard Bloch, P.C., Mr. Bloch is a former district attorney with more than 30 years' criminal law experience. Even more importantly, Mr. Bloch has specific experience working on Internet sex crime cases — including conducting forceful plea bargaining and taking cases to trial to seek not-guilty verdicts.

If you have been accused of an Internet sex crime, such as possession of child pornography, using the Internet for luring a child or sexual exploitation of a child, contact us today to find out how we can help.

Important Considerations in Internet Sex Crimes Cases

Our primary goal in defending clients against Internet sex crime accusations is to minimize the negative short-term and long-term consequences of the arrest and to prevent a conviction if at all possible.

We conduct a thorough investigation into the facts of the case, and we often use various expert witnesses and investigators. For example:

  • We may hire a forensic psychologist to conduct a pre-plea sexual evaluation. If the expert reports a low tendency to commit another offense, that provides us with ammunition in our plea-bargaining efforts with the district attorney's office. If the report states a high likelihood of reoffending, that information is also useful to us and our client. It tells us during the early stages that plea bargaining is likely to be unsuccessful, that the sentence is likely to be harsh upon conviction, and that we should consider taking the case to trial and fighting for a not-guilty verdict.
  • We may consult computer experts to examine the computers and the record of transactions or conversations that the state is using to build its case. An expert computer technician may be able to find evidence that the facts did not unfold exactly the way the police claim they did.
  • Expert witnesses in the field of psychology may also be helpful in cases involving statements made in Internet sex chat rooms. For example, an expert may have information to support our argument that the conversation in question was based on fantasy and not on a real desire or intention to commit any type of sex crime.

Contact The Law Firm of Richard Bloch in Denver

The best thing you can do for yourself after an accusation or arrest for an Internet sex crime is to get confidential and practical legal advice as soon as possible. Hire a lawyer you trust and who can make a solid plan to protect your legal rights. To learn more about The Law Firm of Richard Bloch, contact us today

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