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Balance And Advice That Only Experience Can Give

Richard was recommended to me by someone who I trust with my life and that is just what I was doing. For more than 50 years I never thought there would be a reason for me to secure the services of a criminal lawyer. Well, that day happened. After acquiring Richard's services, he took care of everything. He allowed me access to his conference room to review evidence at my leisure. He kept me apprised of everything I wanted to know. I made the decisions with Richard's guidance throughout our case. If Richard and I did not agree, he would provide me all the facts, alternatives and reasons for his position. I have no reason to believe Richard would treat his other clients any different than he treated me, and if so, I recommend Richard to anyone who has a need for a criminal attorney. The outcome-as though it never happened.


Attorney Block worked on my felony menacing case in January of 2009. At that time I was facing the losing of my federal job and in the process raising havoc to my life. Through his diligent work and connections with the Arapahoe County D.A.'s office he was able to work out a deal with them to allow me no jail time and 2 year probationary deferred sentance. Because of this I did not face any interruption in my life. Almost 3 years later, the charges have been fully dropped and my life is presently as it was previous to this incident. Thank you Ricard for your fine work and for anyone facing a serious criminal prosecution don't hesitate to hire Mr. Bloch. His connections with the D.A.'s office (where he was a prosecutor) and his intelligence of the legal system is invaluable to anyone about to face life chancing legal issues in their lives.
-J. DiZoglio

A few years ago I found myself in a situation where I needed a good attorney. I feel fortunate and very grateful I was given Richard's name. He did a great job representing me and I would highly recommend him.
-Sean S

Mr. Bloch, Thank you for the time and effort you put into my case, you were professional and well respected by your peers.  I was thankful that you took swift action to accomodate any future problems that my case would potentially cause me.  I could not have asked for a better resolution. Thanks again, Dan

Richard Bloch has a great deal of integrity and stays grounded in providing a defense that is based on the law. He is very honest, hard-working and caring. Because of his long-term dedication to integrity and high moral values he is well respected by his peers and by district attorneys and judges. He is extremely smart, is always very well prepared and brings the best defense every time. He is very attentive to cost and does not unnecessarily waste time in preparing cases. He is able to explain very clearly all aspects of a case so that the client can make informed choices when offered plea bargains and defense options. I have always greatly appreciated that he helped me with filing for divorce in Colorado, and he is honest and successful in winning his cases. 
-J. Johnson

Richard Bloch is the highest caliber of representation a criminal defendant could ever hope to find. In addition to his extensive experience working within the justice system,Richard is also a genuinely decent person. Anyone who has had any experience dealing with the legal system can testify as to how rare it is to find someone who embodies the qualities that Richard possesses. My particular cases were very sensitive and complex, involving multiple jurisdictions and multiple charges that had considerable consequences should I be convicted. Richard was able to deftly and compassionately identify my unique needs and concerns related to my charges to ensure the best possible outcome for me and my family. No corners were cut in any phase of of his preparations or investigations before trial.
The process of being charged with serious crimes and then incarcerated, had left me in the worst state that I have ever experienced in my life. Due to Richard's compassion, experience, and skill, he was an excellent advocate for me in the courtroom and he continuously monitored my mental health to ensure he was doing everytihng he could to put me in the best possible position for my family's future. Richard's calm demeanor and thorough understanding of the relevant issues commanded the respect of all the Judges, District Attorney's, and Police Officers that we interacted with. He always took the utmost care to ensure that I understood every aspect of the legal process so I could make informed and intelligent decisions under the most difficult of personal circumstances.

Being charged criminally is one of the most difficult things a person will ever experience in life, and I would not want to even contemplate facing criminal charges without Richard Bloch at my side. Richard truly sets the standard for professional excellence and human decency.
-A.A. Denver

Richard is one of the most talented lawyers in Colorado. He has a consummate knowledge of criminal law and is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. To add to his natural litigating skills, Richard has a great sense of humor, is passionate about his cases, and cares deeply for his clients. I have practiced law for over 15 years and any time I have a question, Richard is the one I ask. I trust him completely and have the utmost respect for his ability and judgment. I could not recommend Richard more highly.
-Michelle L. Lazar

In 2010, I hired Richard Bloch to defend me against 2 Felony counts of drug possession crimes, facing a possible prison sentence of 14 years. The advice I had received from attorneys prior to meeting Richard was to accept any deal and call it a day, but there were holes in the police's case and both a class 1 misdemeanor or felony conviction would have disqualified me from my major in school and ultimately my chosen career path. Richard made a tremendous effort to go over every detail of my case from the initial police report to the effect each possible outcome would have on my freedom and career.

Given that he was a former veteran prosecutor, Richard was able to lay out every possible defense strategy with the District Attorney's potential objections in mind. His pragmatic approach to my defense assured that there would be no surprises, so I did not have to spend every moment worrying about my next court date. This allowed me to continue to excel in school and remain levelheaded during this terrifying time in my life.

Richard was not in any rush to accept the first plea bargain on the table, which made me feel like my situation was just as important to him as it was to me. Even when accepting a plea offer seemed imminent, he continued his investigation into my case while simultaneously making sure I was ready to succeed on probation if given the chance to avoid permanent conviction in lieu of trial. This proved to me that unlike many other attorneys, Richard is not afraid of taking a case to trial, but that he also had the sense to know when a deal is the best way to go and to prepare for it. Richard helped me accept responsibility for my actions, but never once let me think that the challenges I faced were insurmountable.

Richard got felony count 1 of my charges completely thrown out due to lack of evidence and overcharging, and pleaded felony count 2 to a deferred judgment of two years probation in Drug Court. In the end, the outcome exceeded our goals because I was given the opportunity to rehabilitate my life, and my conviction will be wiped off my record this year with the deferred judgment.

Mr. Bloch is a highly talented attorney. He's very professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the circumstance I found myself in. Fortunately his counsel and prediction were correct. I highly recommend him.

I found Mr. Bloch through an Internet search after talking with several other attorneys. Mr. Block was approachable and immediately began work on our behalf. He was able to bring common sense to the matter and broker a favorable outcome for us. Mr. Bloch always followed through with communications in a timely manner. His level of personal interest in we as clients as well as his willingness to speak plainly on our behalf has provided a high level of professionalism. Without hesitation I recommend the services of Mr. Bloch.
- Robert Anderson

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